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BluAge Specific Handling

This page explains the concept of specific files in the BluAge Forward process and how to easily configure them in your project.

Specific Files Configuration

TODO : This section is incomplete and should be enhanced.

Specific Files Handling Wizard (BluAge Products 5.5)

Starting with BluAge products 5.5, two wizards have been added to help you facilitate the integration of specific files into your BluAge Forward project :

  • One is Blu Age Specific / Create a specific dir configuration and will add a specific dir in the launch configuration.
  • One is Blu Age Specific / Copy into a specific dir configuration and will add one or several files to a previously created specific dir, overwriting an existing file if needed.

To use these two wizards, following steps are to be followed :

  1. First phase is to add the specific folder configuration. Right-click on a folder (might be a real folder or a java package) in a generated project and select Blu Age Specific/Create a specific dir configuration;

  2. A screen appears and is prefilled with data the wizard could deduce: the correct Blu Age generation project, the correct suffix, the source and target folder;


    NOTE : There is an option Restrict to a Component. Either it is not checked and the specific dir will be registered in the KDM and valid across all BSPs, or it is checked and a BSP is selected, in which case the configuration will be added in the third screen in the launch config. The difference is that in the latter case, if unchecking this BSP during generation, the specific will not be applied.

  3. Second phase is to add files. Right-click on one or several files in a generated project and select Blu Age Specific/Copy in a specific dir configuration;

  4. Normally, no screen appears, the process is entirely automatic. Files to add will be added, already existing files will be replaced. A screen might appear only if several distinct specific dir configurations are valid for this file, in which case the correct one must be picked;

    NOTE : When multi-selecting, all the selected files must belong to the same specific dir configuration.

Something important with this tool is granularity. Concerning the project shown in the previous screenshot, there are two possible strategies if one wants to add and as a specific :

  • Either create a configuration for "test2.model" package and then for "test3.model". The wizard will automatically change the name for the second created folder to model1 (it can be changed manually). Then each file will go to the correct configuration. But if one also wants to set as a specific, a third configuration must be created.


  • Or create a configuration for "src/main/java" as a whole and have one specific folder named "java" which will contain the whole directory tree. Result is show below right and is heavier.