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Knowledge Base Project

This page explains the creation and usages of a BluAge Knowledge Base, mandatory in the BluAge Modernization process.

Knowledge Base Project Creation

The steps to create a BluAge Knowledge Base from scratch are :

  1. Right-click on the Package Explorer view of your Eclipse IDE and select New -> Other, or press Ctrl+N;


  2. Select the Knowledge Base Project entry from the Blu Age Project menu;


  3. In the displayed wizard, you can specify the name of your BluAge Knowledge Base project and customize the project location. By default, the project will be created in the folder of your Eclipse workspace;


  4. Click on Finish. Your newly created project has been added to your workspace.


NOTE : If you start working on a BluAge Modernization process without creating a BluAge Knowledge Base project, you will probably end up with a scenario where BluAge will ask you to create one before going any further, leading directly to the creation wizard displayed on 3.

Knowledge Base Structure

TODO : This section is incomplete and should be enhanced.