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Bluage Licenses Management

The license server software must be installed on a client machine (usually a physical server or a VM). It must be accessed by the end user products to activate them and verify their validity. The license server, in turn must access the Bluage Worldwide web services which will check the license validity on Bluage side.


There are two main product families in Bluage: standard and velocity.

Standard Bluage Products

Standard license management : Standard Licenses

Velocity Bluage Products

A velocity project requires a standard license as well as a velocity license to be able to generate.

A velocity license is made up of:

  • a server host identifier, the unique id of the license server
  • a velocity project name, the license name
  • a margin of error, this margin can be applied on the number of lines and the file size
  • a maximum number of lines to modernize
  • an expiration date
  • a list of certificates

A velocity license certificate is a group of programs activated by the customer. It is composed of a tag name, a buyer, a registration date and a list of tagged elements to modernize.

A tagged element is made up of:

  • a file name
  • a type (Cobol program, copybook, ...)
  • a tag name
  • the number of code lines
  • the file size

How to manage velocity licenses : Velocity Licenses